Top Reasons to Book The York Street Hustle for Your Wedding Reception

Mar. 01, 2017


Ten musicians strong, this band knows how to boogie down at your wedding reception!

The York Street Hustle will have your guests putting on their dancing shoes the moment they walk in. To get your guests’ hips shaking before the main course, look no further than The York Street Hustle. This band is no stranger to the stage. They engage the crowd with ease with their infectious energy and musical talents. The York Street Hustle is perfect for any couple that’s looking to show their guests a good time!

Not your typical wedding band, The York Street Hustle is youthful and fun for all ages.

With a wide range of nearly 100 songs in their repertoire and a delivery that will get every guest on the dance floor, The York Street Hustle creates an experience fit for any crowd. Watch and listen as this 10-piece tribe busts out the 1960s Motown classics and wows your guests with upbeat funk and sultry soul.

The York Street Hustle gives new life to Motown funk and soul.

The York Street Hustle is inspired by musicians like Aretha, Stevie, Otis, Curtis, Smokey, Marvin and James. Female and male singers take turns leading vocals on the mic, keeping it fresh and exciting. With their groovy style and powerful performance style, The York Street Hustle gives their all to funk and soul.

The York Street Hustle is in high demand!

A rolling stone gathers no moss! With wedding season rapidly approaching, The York Street Hustle’s calendar is filling up fast for Spring, Summer and Fall 2017. Get your bid in now for one of the best wedding bands in Philadelphia before they’re all booked up! Contact us today.

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