Hurricane LaRue


Hurricane LaRue

Genre | DJ

The heart and soul of an old school vinyl DJ with a creative modern twist

Hurricane LaRue is taking the world by storm. As a Philadelphia native with the heart and soul of an old school vinyl DJ and the creativity of a modern day “controllerist,"  he couples traditional vinyl use with new electronic forms, blending them as harmoniously as he does in the music he creates. He has displayed musical talents at the Firefly Music Festival and major celebrity events with 50 Cent, Key & Peele, Method Man, and Christina Milian, while also being featured as the Celebrity DJ on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Hurricane LaRue provides entertainment to guests from around the world including corporate clients such as Sephora, Macy's, and H&M. From making waves on cruise ships to turning up weddings, corporate events, grand openings and celebrity affairs, LaRue is a versatile and charismatic professional.

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