The Sermon!

Cocktail Hour + Dance Band

The Sermon!

Genre | Cocktail Hour + Dance Band

Blending funk & soul with vintage swagger.

The Sermon! can best be described as an organ soul jazz quartet inspired by vintage music. While vintage describes their tone, The Sermon! is anything but old. This instrumental band performs with great energy and a high level of musicianship that blends perfectly with any event as they transition seamlessly from slinky jazz to high-energy blues-rock. Their dynamic repertoire lends itself well to both cocktail hour and full-on dance party.

Book The Sermon! As an instrumental quartet or hire them with a vocalist. Their signature sound includes a Hammond B3 organ and their style consists of black suit & tie. They are well known up and down the east coast, playing regularly in New York City and Philadelphia and some of the hippest jazz clubs in town.

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