Get To Know: DJ Hurricane LaRue
Get To Know: DJ Hurricane LaRue
Sean Timmons

Sean Timmons


Meet Philadelphia’s DJ Hurricane LaRue


DJ Hurricane LaRue has been performing professionally for over ten years. In advance of any trends, he set out using real vinyl records in the style of the art form’s original standard bearers. Over time, he has embraced the technology available to him to enhance his performance and expand his exploration as a modern-day controllerist.


How Did You First Get Into DJing and What Attracted You To Want To Do That?

I began my musical journey as a music producer. I also made mixtapes for friends and I hosted weekly parties at my house, playing music all night long. My friends encouraged me to actually start DJing so I invested in DJ equipment and watched hours of video on YouTube on how to learn to DJ.


Do You Remember Your First Professional Gig As a DJ?

My first big professional gig was awesome, I was the MC and DJ of a comedy show with some great local and national comedians. Comedians frequently use music as a part of their sets, so I had some pressure on me to bring my ‘A’ game. The event went well and I am still friends with some of the comics.



Tell Us About a Couple Of Highlights Of Your Career So Far.

Since I’m a huge fan of music and pop culture working with 50 Cent was definitely a highlight of my career. I also had the opportunity to work with Method Man & Jordan Peele for the promotional tour of the movie Keanu.


You Perform In Many Different Settings From Clubs, To Cruise Ships, Private Parties, Corporate Events and Weddings. What Is The Key To a Successful Event?

I would say being prepared is the key to success for me. Every event is different, every client is different. So, taking the time to understand what the expectations are from the client and making sure that the smallest of details are taken care of will most certainly ensure a successful event. I also believe that people are what make events successful. Give the people what they want lol… It’s not about what my favorite songs are, it’s about the music the people want to hear. I try hard not to become one of the DJs that only plays the music that I personally like.


Weddings Can Be a Unique Challenge As They Bring Together Different Generations and Musical Tastes. How Do You Approach Your Musical Selection and Keep People On The Dance Floor?

My first approach is always listening to the couple that booked me. I want to know how they envision the dance floor throughout their wedding night. After I have the input from my clients I typically like to open the dance floor with an absolute banger from the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s. I feel it’s important to get the older guests on the dance floor first. After that, I mix in hits from the 90’s, 00’s and 10’s. I like to keep my eyes on the Bride and Groom while they are on the dance floor because I want to play songs that they have marked important while they are both on the dance floor. The last hour of the wedding is where I like to create the most energy on the dance floor because that’s when people are usually in full party mode.




How Do You Keep Up To Date and Current On Musical Trends?

I enjoy listening to mixes and sets from other DJs from all over the world. I find that helps me keep up with music trends.


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