Lockdown Listening Q&A Adrian Hardy
Lockdown Listening Q&A Adrian Hardy
Sean Timmons

Sean Timmons

Lockdown Listening

In high demand on the U.S. dance scene, Adrian has obtained residencies at some of the most noted party venues in the country. Through high profile gigs such as Miami’s Ultra Music Festival Adrian is solidifying his reputation as a high-energy nightclub DJ, as evidenced by his 20,000+ followers on social. You can find him actively traveling & playing throughout Philadelphia, New York City, Las Vegas, DC, Atlantic City, and across the country. Wherever there’s a rocking party, you can be sure to find DJ Adrian Hardy.


How are you and your family adapting to the “stay at home” order?

Personally, adapting hasn’t been too difficult. Having worked in the nightlife industry for so long I’m fairly used to a solitary lifestyle, but adjusting to the lockdown has definitely brought out more of my domesticated side.. which I’m not mad about!

How have you personally been spending your time?

Cooking, cleaning, reading, researching new music and side projects (social media strategy ideas, my lifestyle project @deviousgents), working on music/mixtapes, practicing new hobbies (I’ve acquired a new obsession with hand ground coffee, and interior design), and obviously way too much online shopping.

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What do you miss most about performing?

I miss the thrill of performing and anticipating the gig, it’s definitely a disappointment not being able to play as frequently anymore but just like anything else that’s affected the gig industry we’ll get through these hardships and look towards the future for bigger & better chances to gig again!

What is the “silver lining” you’ve experienced from this situation?



Can you recommend some songs for your Mole Street Artists Spotify Playlist by any artist in any style that people should listen to now?

Sure, here’s a mix on Soundcloud I put together specifically for everyone’s newly acquired downtime.

Tell us a little about each track and why you chose it?

Absolutely. I always try to diverge from the constant repetition and monotony of mainstream radio or party music. Being in the nightlife industry on such a constant basis that music can really eat away at your tolerance for the same old sounds.  The majority of my time working from home, commuting, traveling, or relaxing is spent exploring and listening to new music that makes passing the time enjoyable, or simply just makes me happy. I designed this mix (and other mixes like it) as a way for listeners to hear music they’ve never heard before, played together artfully, and hopefully in a way people can appreciate and enjoy as much as I do.  I always try to put mixes together as a ‘listening experience,’ tracks I know and love built into something I know I would want to listen to. In this case, a mix for “late mornings, rainy days, quiet evenings, and long nights.”


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