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Studio Musicians In Philly You Need to See (HS)

Studio musicians are the unsung heroes of the music and recording world. Also known as session players, studio musicians are the musicians who work with singers or recording artists who need a musician for a new record.  Due to the nature of their work, session players are typically well-versed in multiple instruments across various genres.
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5 Hidden Gem Venues for Live Music in Philadelphia

There’s no shortage of opportunities to hear live music in Philadelphia. Philly is one of the best cities around if you’re looking for local or big name live entertainment and shows. While it’s great to go big with Philly staple venues like the Mann Center or the Tower Theater, some nights call for a more
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Chelsea Reed & The Fair Weather Five

Chelsea Reed & the Fairweather Five is one of the most magnetic jazz bands you can find in Philadelphia. Chris Oatts’ saxophone, Jake Kelberman’s guitar, Joe Plowman’s bass, Austin Wagner’s drum, and Silas Irvine’s keyboard synthesize to create a sound so gleeful that audiences can’t stay in their seats once the Fair Weather Five begin
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Artist Spotlight: Tom Moon’s Jazz Casual

Tom Moon is a music journalist, award-winning author, a regular contributor for National Public Radio and above all, a jazz saxophonist. Moon’s jazz sax is the beacon for all of his work, from his journalistic writing to his incredible ear for what makes a song exceptional. Tom Moon is a music journalist, award-winning author, a
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Artist Spotlight: Latin Dance Band, De Tierra Caliente

De Tierra Caliente paints a musical mural of the Caribbean, bringing the sound of summer with them everywhere they perform. Listeners are treated to a huge variety of instruments, including the guitar, the bass, the flute, shakers, the jam block, the tambourine, the congas, a cowbell pedal, and the cajón.


Artist Spotlight: Acoustic Latin Band, The Herreras

The Herreras’ sound is a powerful force of musical energy emanating from a magnetic five-piece formation. The liveliness they bring to each performance is so infectious that it inevitably spreads to the audience.