Should I hire a live band or DJ for my event?
Should I hire a live band or DJ for my event?


Consider the 3 V’s:

Vibe, Variables, and Venue

Vibe: What atmosphere do you want to create?

Is it a chic cocktail hour for millennials? A classic, stately gala for your top donors? Creating the vibe is all about knowing your audience and what will make them smile and stay awhile. And while you do want to pick a band or DJ that is a crowd-pleaser, take care not to be too predictable. You’d be surprised how many people actually like to be taken out of their comfort zone for a couple of hours.

For example, when we plan Molestice, our annual block party + music festival for the summer solstice, we book all kinds of music from bluegrass to hip-hop. The crowd loves it.

Variables: Consider your budget and program.

Let’s start with budget. It’s true that DJ’s are typically less expensive than live bands. But Mole Street Artists has plenty of smaller live acts on our roster like jazz trios and solo acoustic artists, all of which are reasonably priced.

Next, you want to account for your program. Do you have an awards ceremony as part of your program? If so, consider hiring a live band for your event to usher award-winners, your host and presenters to the stage. DJs are great for your late night crowd, cocktail hour and dancing. A DJ is also a great option when there is action in multiple rooms at your event, like the veranda and VIP lounge.

Venue: What kind of a space are you working with?

If you have a small space consider a DJ, a solo artist, duo, or trio. These musicians can set up in small quarters which maximizes the event space and flow. When you have a large space to fill, consider renting a stage and hiring a 5+ piece band, especially if they are gong to be a big part of the “show” element of your event. Another option for a large space is an epic dance floor with DJ at the helm.

And for those surprise elements, consider the way your guests will journey through your space. Perhaps you book a string quartet to court your guests as they enter the lobby of your venue. And as they exit the dance party, consider a drum line to send them home smiling.

With all this said, if you need assistance in finding your perfect band or DJ just give us a shout.

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