Outdoor Venue Spotlight: Grounds for Sculpture
Outdoor Venue Spotlight: Grounds for Sculpture
Sean Timmons

Sean Timmons


For lovers of art and nature, Grounds for Sculpture presents the perfect meeting of the aesthetic and natural world. Located in Hamilton Township, New Jersey (close to Princeton), this truly unique venue is home to over 270 contemporary sculptures on 42 acres of beautifully manicured landscape. Your hosts, Constellation Culinary, offer exceptional and versatile menu options to compliment the magical experience the location provides.

The phenomenal combination of contemporary art and a stunning natural setting offers a variety of locations for your Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception. The venue is equally suited to smaller or larger weddings and can accommodate more formal or non-traditional clients.



Tell us a little about Grounds for Sculpture, where you are located and what makes it attractive to wedding parties?

Grounds for Sculpture is one of the region’s most whimsical and picture-perfect wedding destinations, with every season bringing a unique and beautiful look. Across 42 acres, you can find a meadow rich with wildflowers, butterflies, wild peacocks, and a pond teeming with natural life. Manicured fairways, elegant reflecting pools, and exotic trees and flowers make for stunning photography. Grounds for Sculpture’s venues include indoor gallery space and an outdoor garden with tenting options throughout, or Rat’s Restaurant- a rustic French-inspired restaurant designed to look and feel like the provincial French countryside. Rat’s Restaurant also overlooks a motif of the bridge from Claude Monet’s most famous painting, Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies, which is surrounded by weeping willows and romantic greenery.


Describe your outdoor space and the amenities it provides?

Grounds For Sculpture is a continually evolving landscape. Every season brings new ways to look, see, and explore. The property features specific ceremony gardens. The first is a stone and granite garden, featuring “Nine Muses” a sculpture located within a gorgeous reflecting pool, which can hold up to 350 guests. The other is an amphitheater-style layout located within a secluded wooded glen, composed of trees including river birch, katusra, weeping beech and southern magnolia, which can hold up to 150 guests. The outdoor ceremony options at Rat’s Restaurant for a maximum of 30 guests includes stunning outdoor terraces which overlook the Monet Bridge. The Monet Bridge can also be the perfect location for a micro wedding or intimate ceremony with under 10 guests. Additional outdoor amenity options for an added fee include golf carts, a tram to bring guests around the property, guided tours of the grounds for guests, and more.


Making the best of things during the pandemic, people are moving outside but there is a long tradition of outdoor weddings. In your experience, what is magical about an outdoor celebration at your venue?

One of the most compelling reasons to host a wedding at Grounds for Sculpture or Rat’s Restaurant is the property’s accessibility. From both Philadelphia, New York City, and within New Jersey, Grounds for Sculpture is centrally located. The property features free parking onsite, and the town of Hamilton, New Jersey is home to some wonderful lodging options- all of which Constellation Culinary Group has fostered a strong relationship with. The sprawling acres of the property make every outdoor ceremony feel personal and private, and virtually every aspect of the space is customizable. Another added benefit is that with so many different landscapes throughout the property, weddings always feel one-of-a-kind.

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Many couples are considering more intimate micro weddings with fewer guests. What are the advantages of a micro wedding?

A micro wedding allows the couple to hone in on the details that are most important to them. The food and beverage aspect of a wedding has become increasingly important to many couples, and with fewer guests it allows the opportunity to expand the culinary offerings. Constellation Culinary Group, nationally renowned for signature culinary experiences and world-class talent, can work with couples to make the menu for their wedding completely custom. With traditional aspects of a wedding like dancing unable to take place due to COVID, the meal becomes the centerpiece of the event. We offer the option for wine pairings, specialists like cheese mongers or sommeliers, and even tasting menus with up to 8 courses. We have viewed micro weddings as an opportunity to customize a couple’s dream day more than ever before.  


Music plays an important role in creating the mood for a wedding celebration. Many wedding reception bands can perform in smaller 3 or 4-piece formats. For a micro wedding, does a smaller band bring the energy and presence to create a memorable experience?

Although micro weddings have a smaller guest count, in our experience they have just as much vibrance, excitement, and love as a larger wedding. With less guests, the entertainment is typically fewer performers playing more ambient and relaxed music. The music is always an important part of the day and both indoor and outdoor options at Grounds for Sculpture and conducive to live music of all kinds.

Outdoor entertainment at Grounds for Sculpture

If your next big event is being held at Ground for Sculpture, let Mole Street Artists help you hand select the perfect entertainment. Schedule a phone call with Senior Talent Buyer, Sean Timmons today:


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