Get to Know the Voice Behind Philly’s Smooth Jazz Vocals: Q&A with Peter Gaudioso

Feb. 08, 2017

Peter Gaudioso uses his talent of transitioning classic jazz with modern hip-hop while embedding soul and funk. If he’s not traveling for live entertainment events in New York, Atlantic City, or around Pennsylvania, you can find him performing his smooth jazz vocal sets at Philadelphia’s Time.


Who motivates you the most musically and creatively?

It’s a tie between Bobby McFerrin and Sting. They both make music that speaks to my heart.  I’ve studied with Bobby. At a retreat for singers. He’s a genius.


You played drums for 18+ years, when was the first time you picked up a pair of drum sticks and how did you get inspired?

My cousin was a drummer in The Air Force band Epson Blue. He left his drums at my family house once for some reason or another.  I just started messing around with them.  But it really got serious in the 90s. With Nirvana. I would love to air drum to that album and eventually I just knew I had to get drums of my own. I didn’t by a car when I was 18. I bought a drum set.


“I didn’t buy a car when I was 18.

I bought a drum set.”


What made you choose to transition from drums and percussion to a jazz vocalist/ band-leader?

I suffered an injury to my left hand which caused me to reorient my musical choices. The pain, tendonitis, was too severe to play.  I was already singing, but not primarily, so luckily the switch to jazz vocalist was available.  I had a venue that was very supportive of my choice. The rest is history.


“I had a venue that was very supportive of my choice.

The rest is history.”


If you could play anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I’ve always wanted to do a tour in Japan. I want to see Tokyo and all of the lights and skyscrapers.


Any favorite Philly venue you like to perform at?

My favorite venue to perform is Time. They are the most supportive venue in town. They treat the musicians with respect and pay them well. The clientele that come there are wonderful people. Hip, young and old, professionals and artists and enthusiastic tourists. I love it there and have been playing music and booking acts there for 8 years.

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