Know your musical genres like a pro

Oct. 05, 2015

Booking a live band for your event is easy when you know what to look for.


A style that has been around since the 1910’s. It’s characterized by improvisation and includes lots of off-beat rhythms and pitch. These days we know of Jazz Ensembles as a type of American music with lively rhythms and melodies that are often made up by musicians as they play. It is a genre based on improv and stylistic freedom; some would say like America itself.

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Coined as “Rhythm and Blues” in the 1940’s, R&B is as a mix of Jazz and Blues. The genre of R&B has evolved over the years from electric blues to soul and funk, combining elements of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk, Pop, Dance, and even Hip Hop. R&B’s passionate sounds encompass human joys and failures; themes everyone can relate to.

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Classic Soul

A genre that combines lots of Rhythm and Blues styles with Gospel music. Classic Soul found its roots in the black experiences of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It features sultry styles with a bit of orchestral doo-wop inspired vocals. Its evolution has been described as a gospel transformation to “funky, secular testifying” music. Classic Soul represents the freedom of expression of self.

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Played by DJ’s and written by producers, this genre grew out of radio broadcasting in the early 1930’s. Electronic Dance Music uses elements of drum beats, synthesizers, and seguing from one track to the next seamlessly. But don’t be fooled. EDM is a HUGE category and just like live bands, electronic dance music come in all kinds of subgenres like House Music, Dancehall and Deep House. Our recommendation is to find a DJ that can seamlessly mix the Top 40 songs with some tasty tunes that are lesser known for a unique listening experience. There are hundreds of genres out there and so many ways to spread the good vibes at your corporate or non-profit event.

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