Best Halloween Party Themes
Best Halloween Party Themes
Mole Street Artists

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Carve those jack-o’-lanterns, break out the king-sized candy bars, and assemble your costume to throw THE Halloween party of the century! While you’ve got those spooky ideas brewing in your mind, we want to give you some themes to trick out your venue and have your guests raving about your event for weeks. From decorations to costume requests, a Halloween party theme is an awesome way to keep the holiday spirits high; and of course, we’ve thrown in our expert advice for music and bands that could bring your event to legendary status. Here are some suggestions:




Prohibition/Speakeasy 1920’s era dance party 

There’s nothing like roaring 1920’s flappers, feather boas, and top-hats to get everyone jitterbugging and scatting to the beat. Boredom is not an option when your guests are frosted in 20’s era pearls and sparkles from head to toe. Put up a gold backdrop for photo ops, some feather centerpieces for your buffet, and of course, a champagne tower if you’re having fun with it (and you should be).

To match your stellar theme, you must have stellar music and lucky for you, that’s our expertise. Jazz music is classic and timeless, and this holiday calls for some high energy jazz to keep up with the Halloween vibes. Check out Vance Camisa or Christopher Davis Shannon who bring a classic and lively vibe to every venue they play. The Vance Camisa Quartet draws inspiration from the jazz sounds of 30s and 40s taking your guests back to old-school New York while Christopher Davis Shannon couples his intricate guitar work with soulful vocals in an early New Orleans Jazz Club style.




1960s Soul & Vintage Vibes

Fast forward four decades and bring the 60’s to your Halloween bash. The 1960’s were a time of exciting changes, cushioned between the reserved 50’s and disco-day 70’s. This sweet spot of time is meant to be celebrated! From Hippies to mod decor to soulful and vintage music, this theme is versatile, classic, and downright fun!

In terms of music, you don’t have to cycle the Beach Boys and Beatles on repeat. We’ve got the ideal band for the occasion, York Street Hustle! Not only do they have the ten piece band to impress all your guests, they bring authenticity with their vintage amps and gear that blast Detroit, Memphis, and Chicago inspired sound! Send out colorful hippie-style invitations, have a stack of temporary peace sign tattoos for guests, and clear a dance space for everyone to do the twist because with this band, they won’t be able to keep still.




Outer Space Dance Party

Who said outer space was out of style? This electrifying theme is a sure fire way to get your guests in the Halloween spirit. All you need are neon lights, glow sticks, guests can dress in neon or glow-in-the-dark clothing, and you’re set! If you want to go the extra mile, grab some black lights and white decorations to get your place glowing with outer space fever!

We’ve got musical answer to this theme that will set your event apart from any and every Halloween bash this year! Alfiya Glow is an award-winning electric violinist and DJ. Classically trained, she branched out to genres like pop, hip-hop, and EDM which gives her a unique and electrifying sound that would be perfect for your occasion! Imagine a DJ-violinist at your outer space Halloween party… talk about unique!




Country Hoedown

Get your country on and throw the cowboy/cowgirl event everyone has been waiting for! After all, who doesn’t love to strap on some boots, a flannel and a hat and look good doing it? Maybe get a bonfire going, do some apple bobbing, decorate with checkered tablecloths and haystacks, and don’t forget the whiskey!

Our musical suggestion? Ladybird. Three ladies, Anna, Sara, and Laura bring a multi-instrumental, harmony-based, folk/blue-grass sound to the events they play. This band is the perfect match to make your country-themed Halloween authentic and memorable for everyone involved. Are you into fiddle, guitar, tenor guitar, dobro, banjo, and some good ol’ country-folk vocals? These ladies are right up your alley and ready to entertain your guests.




Whatever theme you select for your celebration, it is never complete without music that fits. Our booking agents at Mole Street Artists are readily equipped to find your perfect Halloween match to bring the right vibe to your event. Give your guests the gift of live music as they come through the doors of your legendary Halloween party to leave them talking about it for years!


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