Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Reception Music
Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Reception Music


At Mole Street Artists, we know that music can make or break your big day. Check out this list of the top things to consider when choosing your wedding reception music.

  • DJ vs. Live Band

The decision between a live band or DJ should ultimately be determined by how the couple likes to experience music. Naturally, there is a different energy and sound to a live band vs. a DJ, as with a live band you are hearing real instruments performed. Also, there is a great presence that a band commands when on stage that is difficult to duplicate. Live bands are typically customizable with the ability to choose the number of pieces in the group as well as flexibility in song choice. If you like the concert experience, are open to hearing your wedding reception music performed live, and your Mom loves drum solos, a live band could be the right fit for you.

Alternatively, if you like the sound of music the way you hear it on the radio or on a record, a DJ may be the right fit. DJs can offer a playlist of your favorite songs and are experts at using that playlist to fill out the night with complimentary music to your taste. If you love hip-hop, top 40 and pop music, the right DJ can really lift up the dance party have those feels translate to the crowd. A DJ can also read the crowd and play songs from your playlist that best suits any given moment in the evening. Additionally, DJs require less space and setup time compared to their live entertainment counterparts which should be thought through depending on the space available in the venue.

  • Make Sure You Love the Music at Your Wedding Reception

Everything at your wedding tells your guests about who you are as a couple and the music you choose is a big one! What songs do you as a couple go back to when your cooking dinner and hitting Spotify? Where do your tastes collide and where do they differ? It’s important to talk through the vibe you want to set and put those thoughts down on paper so you can properly communicate your ideas to the entertainment providers you are researching. It is all too common for a couple to book a band based on recommendation, without doing the due diligence on what they sound like and if they will match what you want for your big day. Even though Uncle Ted’s friend’s cousin’s wedding DJ came highly recommended, you might think he is a goofball. Do your research and listen to the music! You’ll most likely remember this day for the rest of your life, so make sure your music is memorable.

  • Consider Your Guests When Selecting Songs and Musical Talent

The party is about you and about your guests. Think about what kind of music will resonate with everyone in the room and communicate this to your entertainment provider. All good wedding bands and DJs know how to read your guests while catering to Grandma, and your two-year old niece. It is equally important to feel out how your entertainment provider resonates with your needs. It is just as important to outline what you don’t want to hear as what you do. For example, don’t be afraid to say “Yes! Please play Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back’”, or “No Backstreet Boys please”.

  • The Venue for Your Wedding Reception Matters

When choosing your wedding entertainment, make sure to consider the logistics of your venue. With the help of the venue manager, ask questions on what sounds best in the space and determine any limitations that could be venue related. Is there a curfew? Where is the most successful entertainment placement based on past experiences? The shape, size and makeup of a venue space – and whether the venue is indoor or outdoor – will help determine the best entertainment solution and these will always be valuable questions to bring up when speaking with the entertainment company.

  • Hire Local Talent

At Mole Street Artists, we make it our mission to deliver the best wedding bands and DJs in Philadelphia. By reading the energy in the room, Mole Street Artists know how to engage every crowd and give guests exactly what they want. With expertise in their respective genres, and a willingness to adapt to their audiences, our artists will ensure the dance floor is never empty leaving guests raving about your wedding for years to come. Through undying enthusiasm and willingness to please, we keep moving forward with the best DJs and wedding bands in Philadelphia.

We offer an extensive roster of live local entertainment. Let’s start with DJ Adrian Hardy and DJ Hurricane LaRue. Our disc jockeys know how to combine styles to create a unique sound for every event. If you like funk and dance bands, our live bands The York Street HustleThe Sermon!, Blues Junior, and Eddie Bruce Orchestra supply the vibes that will have your guests grooving all night long at your wedding reception. If you’re looking for a smoother experience or Jazz Trios, our jazz artists Tom Moon’s Jazz Casual, Chelsea Reed, Peter Gaudioso, and The Vance Camisa Quartet bring a chill and sophisticated feel to crowds of any size and are perfect for cocktail hour. Last but not least, our talented acoustic performers Gregg Cagno and Nicole Zell create a tasteful ambiance adding an extra element to any event or wedding ceremony.

We understand that entertainment is a must for any unforgettable event. Let us book the right DJ or live band for your one-of-a-kind wedding reception.

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Originally published February 2017, updated June 2021

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