7 Wedding Bands that Bring the Vintage Vibes
7 Wedding Bands that Bring the Vintage Vibes
Kevin McCall

Kevin McCall


Vintage Wedding Music Bands that Will Bring You Back in Time


Transport yourself back to the Jazz Age! From the roaring 20’s to bebop swing to NOLA Mardi Gras street parades, these vintage bands will bring the authenticity to any wedding. Check out these timeless period acts that are perfect for any reception or cocktail hour. 


Vintage Bands for Wedding Receptions


The Hoppin’ John Orchestra

The Hoppin’ John Orchestra began their musical journey modeled on the classic brass bands of New Orleans, especially the Dirty Dozen. Their sound has adapted and evolved over the years and while a number of the tunes are still solidly in that style, the sets also include classic R & B from the 40’s and 50’s and even some “chamber jazz” transcriptions from the late 30’s and early 40’s. The Band’s notable local instrumentalists never fail to excite and wow an audience.


The Sermon!


The Sermon! can best be described as an organ soul jazz quartet inspired by vintage music. While vintage describes their tone, The Sermon! is anything but old. This instrumental band performs with great energy and a high level of musicianship that blends perfectly with any event as they transition seamlessly from slinky jazz to high-energy blues-rock. Their dynamic repertoire lends itself well to both cocktail hour and full-on dance party.

Book The Sermon! As an instrumental quartet or hire them with a vocalist. Their signature sound includes a Hammond B3 organ and their style consists of black suit & tie. They are well known up and down the east coast, playing regularly in New York City and Philadelphia and some of the hippest jazz clubs in town.


Vance Camisa Quartet

The Vance Camisa Jazz Quartet strives for the best in swing and bebop. They draw heavily on the standards of the 1930s and 1940s, recreating the polished sounds and foot-tapping rhythms of the heyday of jazz. The ensemble will transport you to the glory days of New York’s famous 52nd Street clubs, without any hint of sounding dated or self-conscious.

The quartet’s fluidity, enthusiasm for their art and ease with their uncompromised playing style prove the timelessness of good, heartfelt jazz. Hearing the Vance Camisa Jazz Quartet helps one understand why America’s only true art form has sustained universal appeal across the generations.



Vintage Musicians for Cocktail Hour and Ceremony


Tom Moon’s Jazz Casual

Tom Moon’s Jazz Casual specializes in creating delicately understated sounds to uplift the soul. Inspired by classic melodies, Jazz Casual plays torchy ballads and Great American Songbook tunes, as well as jazz & bossa nova classics and sleek, ear-pleasing originals. Their low-key approach is uniquely calming and intriguing. This band plays quietly, concentrating on texture and mood for an atmosphere that is engaging and tranquil at the same time. Book Tom Moon’s Jazz Casual as a sleek trio or even 7-piece band with a vocalist to warm and inspire any crowd.


Christopher Davis Shannon

Christopher Davis-Shannon‘s music brings you back to the time of Tin Pan Alley and early New Orleans Jazz clubs with a repertoire spanning from the 1910’s to the 50’s. His intricate guitar work and plaintive vocals are infused with soulfulness which cannot be imitated, and a respect for his predecessors which is rarely equaled. Not content with being called a traditionalist, he forges ahead with his own modern take on timeless classics, weaving together a sound that is enjoyed by both young and old. Whether you are looking for light jazz for a cocktail hour or music to get your guest’s feet moving, Davis-Shannon is sure to please.


Chelsea Reed

Chelsea Reed is the effortlessly talented leader of the Philly early jazz band Chelsea Reed & The Fairweather Five. Her music draws on influences including Bessie Smith, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. Chelsea loves to explore the roots of jazz to find creative ways to interpret forgotten songs and beloved classics to captivate a new generation of listeners.


Luke O’Reilly

Colombian native Luke Carlos O’Reilly was born with a passion for music. In 2011, Luke independently released his debut solo album, ‘Living In The Now’. The album featured several of his own compositions, as well as a few arrangements on some popular standards. Luke’s love for jazz and soul has elevated him to be one of the few consistently in demand pianists and keyboard players in the Philadelphia area. Whether performing as a soloist or a trio, Luke brings a soulful vibe to any atmosphere.


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