8 Tips for Hiring the Right DJ for Your Wedding
8 Tips for Hiring the Right DJ for Your Wedding

Kevin McCall

How To Hire An Incredible DJ For Your Wedding

Some DJs are capable of bringing a funky world music sound to your party or throwback R&B, hip-hop vibes. Whatever you are looking for, all performers have their own unique musical style and stage presence. You want to book a DJ for your wedding that reflects you as a couple and also match the intensity of the wild characters in your family. Find an act that is going to fit right in. If you are looking for reception music, check out these top 8 helpful tips for hiring the right DJ at your wedding:

How Do I Choose a Wedding DJ?

Here are 8 tips to help you hire the right DJ for your wedding:

  • Check their social media
  • Listen to samples 
  • Read reviews  
  • Share Your Playlist
  • Get a gear list
  • Ask the right questions
  • Talk Insurance and safety
  • Partner with a booking agency

1. Check Social Media 

Most DJs have an online presence. Check their Facebook and Instagram to get an idea of their level of experience. Read their bio and sift through photos to see what venues they have played. Also be sure to look over any engaging posts. Did attendees leave a comment about enjoying the performance? Did they have a good time?  

2. Listen To Samples

A DJ will link their Soundcloud and Youtube to their social media. This is where you can find actual examples of their mixes. Keep in mind what you’re looking to hear at your reception. Whether it’s top 40’s, throwbacks, or special requests—make sure they have every demographic covered. Even Grandma wants to dance! 

You’ll also want to watch videos of the DJ’s past performances. This is where you can further investigate how the audience reacted to the DJ in a live setting. A good DJ can read the room and tell if a crowd is vibing to their mix. What was their personality like on the mic? Did they hype up the crowd? Did they keep the party entertained? How is their stage presence?

3. Read Reviews

Read what other couples have to say on review sites like WeddingWire. For example, check out what Kevin & Sarah had to say about Mole Street Artist roster member DJ Hurricane LaRue

“We had a great time with DJ LaRue at our wedding at the Horticultural Center. He was a great DJ and we had a great wedding. The Mole Street team was flexible and coordinated with all of our other vendors and planners!”

4. Share Your Playlist (And “Do Not Play” List)

Ideally, your DJ should have a healthy combination of modern hits and classics. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a conversation with the performer ahead of time. Talk about your needs and what songs must absolutely make an appearance at reception. You also have a right to mention the songs that you would prefer they skip. Provide your own, personal “do not play” list. 

Also keep in mind, the music during dinner should be laid back. Build a Spotify playlist to share with your DJ your ideal cocktail hour and dinner atmosphere. 

5. Get a Gear List

Check in with your DJ about their gear list. What will they be bringing? Typically a wedding DJ will provide their own sound system, microphone, laptop and controller decks. However, a venue might have an in-house sound system for the DJ to use. Communicate with the performer and the venue manager to see if their equipment is compatible and loud enough for the reception hall. If you hire a Mole Street Artist DJ that does not provide their own sound system, we will outsource a sound production vendor to be onsite the day of your event. 

6. Ask The Right Questions

We are sure some of these tips have led to even further questions. There are probably even more questions that have yet to cross your mind. For your sanity, we laid out 25 Questions to ask Your Wedding DJ in another article. Read in full below: 


7. Talk Insurance & Safety

Mole Street Artists is an agency that specializes in booking artists for private events nationally and internationally, in venues large and small throughout the year. The Agency carries the insurance coverage required by the majority of venues in order for your DJ and supporting production personnel to work safely and efficiently. It is possible to buy coverage for the day of event but the premium can be expensive. An individual DJ who is working less frequently may not carry insurance and will not be able to provide the required Certificate of Insurance. In this case the wedding party will be required to provide the coverage themselves or the expense will appear in the final billing.

8. Partner With a Booking Agency

Consider partnering up with a booking agency like Mole Street Artists. We will work with you to ensure all aspects of the music for your wedding day are perfect. Our talent buyer, Sean Timmons will help hand-pick the right entertainment based on your preferences and guarantee a great fit for your day. 

Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

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