How to Curate Your Wedding Playlist so the Music Never Stops!
How to Curate Your Wedding Playlist so the Music Never Stops!

Sean Timmons

5 Tips for Your Wedding Day Music

You’ve found this amazing band to perform for your wedding. Great! Now is the time to share your musical vision and direct them on the selections to make your big day, your best day!

As you move through from Ceremony to Cocktail Hour, Dinner to Dancing, the right choice of music will set the tone and create the memories you hold of this most special of days. 

Pro Tip #1: Complete Your Wedding Music Checklist

To help you plan correctly and ensure that everything is included, it’s time to create your own unique Wedding Music Checklist. This will cover everything from the Ceremony through the Reception. In creating your Wedding Music Checklist, you can decide if you want to go full traditional or reflect your own personality by deciding what to include and what to leave out. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Plan ahead and choose music that is meaningful to you. Work with the band or DJ to make your selections and set the tone for a perfect day.

Wedding Music Checklist: 



    • Prelude
    • Processional
    • Wedding Party Entrance
    • Bridal Entrance
    • Interlude
    • Recessional


    • Introduction Song
    • First Dance Song
    • Bridal Party Dance
    • Father/Daughter Dance
    • Mother/Son Dance
    • Special Dances
    • Cake Cutting
    • Bouquet Toss
    • Garter Toss
    • Anniversary Song for Married Couples
    • Closing Song

Do Not Play List  



Pro Tip #2: Book One Group For The Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception

Book one group to cover all of your music for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. It is possible to have a soloist from the band (guitar or keyboard) perform the ceremony, while a trio entertains through cocktail hour. This is often more cost effective and has the added advantage of communicating through one band leader who understands your musical vision.

“Booking one band to perform throughout the day takes a lot of stress out of planning and logistics and helps smooth the transition from one stage to the next,” says Brian LaPann, co-founder of Mole Street Artists and Blues Junior band leader. “Your reception band will provide some of their musicians to perform for the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour. They will adapt the musical style and repertoire to your needs and reduce your costs by working with musicians who are already on site.” For more tips and guidance on artist pricing, check out our article, “How Much to Budget for a Live Wedding Band,” below: 



Pro Tip #3: Choose an Artist That Knows How To Read The Room

While it’s good to create a timeline in advance, it’s best to provide some flexibility for the musicians to make some impromptu calls. The band knows how to read the crowd and if everyone’s on the dance floor, let the band keep the song going a little longer until they feel it’s a good time to break. They can tailor the set to ease up on the energy, rather than a sudden stop just when everyone is revved up! 

Pro Tip #4: Plan For Breaks

When considering the continuous flow of wedding reception dinner music, it’s important to keep in mind that musicians need breaks and need to eat in order to provide the best possible entertainment throughout the day. Working with them to address their needs will go a long way to ensuring success. The bandleader can schedule breaks into the timeline. During dinner, for example, music takes a back seat so that guests can talk and enjoy each other’s company. It’s the perfect time for the band’s meal break and pressing play on the pre-programmed playlist on an iPad, Spotify, Pandora, or another source. The band can provide a playlist, or you can customize your own. This is a great time to include some of those “must-hear” songs that may not be a great fit later on when the party is in full swing.

Other opportunities for a break may include scheduled speeches, the cake cutting, or bouquet toss (if these are part of your plan). Beyond that, when the band needs to take a short break, it’s important to keep the music flowing. Matching the music on the recorded playlist to the style and energy of the live band will seamlessly maintain the mood.

Pro Tip #5: Work with a Professional Booking Agency

Work with a professional booking agency to choose the right band and you’ll get the best result. A professional booking agency can help you select the right band for your wedding and partner with you to make your musical vision shine through. Mole Street Artists has an exciting roster of artists to suit many tastes. Contact Sean Timmons today to curate the music for your day, so the good vibes keep on going.


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