Micro Wedding Ideas from a Real Couple: Planning, Music, and Creating Connection
Micro Wedding Ideas from a Real Couple: Planning, Music, and Creating Connection
Sean Timmons

Sean Timmons


A Couple’s Real Experience with a Micro Wedding — and Ideas for Yours!


The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This rings true today, especially for Chris and Casey Forte. They were determined to not let the COVID-19 pandemic affect their wedding day. After a handful of postponements and reschedules, the couple were officially married  September 12th 2020, at Terrain of Glen Mills to an intimate, small group of friends and family. Read on for an exclusive interview with the Forte’s and their Micro Wedding Experience. 

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Creating Connection at a Micro Wedding


With a smaller guest list, do you feel your guests had a more intimate experience?

While it was so hard to cut down our guest list (only about 1/3 of the guests from our original wedding were included in the micro wedding) it did allow for a more intimate experience. We loved the layout of our reception, which allowed us to all be at one big table together. We really got to interact with all our friends and family throughout the day and it also made it much more relaxed and easy going. We did get to connect with everyone, which is such a benefit of a small wedding. We would have loved to get married in front of all of our friends and family, and while it wasn’t what we expected – it was the perfect day.


Do you feel that the experience of a micro wedding was impactful for your guests?

We do! While it was a shorter event, you still get all of the same elements as a full-scale wedding – special ceremony, first dances, delicious food and drink, and of course great music! We think it was pretty perfect, and also very safe. Hosting the whole event outside made it more comfortable for everyone, especially given the circumstances of the pandemic.

Photo courtesy of The More We See. www.themorewesee.com

Selecting Music for a Micro Wedding


Once you decided to host a micro wedding with thirty-five guests, what were the important aspects of a larger celebration that you wanted to retain?

Live music was something we knew we wanted to maintain, even if it was a smaller, daytime wedding. From when we first started planning our wedding after our engagement in 2018 – live music was always a top priority. We were also glad that it all worked out with our venue, Terrain at Styer’s, as that allowed us to keep the aesthetics and the great venue details like the

 wedding temple and the beautiful grounds. Same great good – great music – joyful celebration, only change was just doing all of that with fewer people.


For your reception band, you chose a three-piece version of Blues Junior, a private events and wedding dance band. Did the smaller version of the band meet all of your expectations?

Yes! The trio was incredible and absolutely surpassed our expectations. Since it was a smaller, daytime event we thought that the trio might be the more suitable for the vibe of the event. Even though we went from a 6 piece to a 3 piece band, nothing was sacrificed in the way of how the band performed. Our ceremony, first dance, and parent dances were all just as we imagined they would be. We got rave reviews from our friends and family about the band and we couldn’t agree more. We love Blues Junior and hope that after this pandemic is behind us, we can celebrate again with all of our friends and family – and of course have Blues Junior play.


For a micro wedding, does a smaller band bring the energy and presence to create a memorable experience?

Live music always elevates the atmosphere and I think the small trio was perfect for our wedding celebration. From the ceremony to the reception it set the right tone and created an upbeat vibe for the whole event.   

Photo courtesy of The More We See. www.themorewesee.com

Planning a Micro Wedding


What did you learn about wedding planning in terms of a micro wedding versus a larger wedding?

Not knowing how the coronavirus would pan out – It was mostly a matter of working with vendors to adjust to the new plan. Generally, what I learned about wedding planning is that you can plan for (almost) anything, and still something will pop up that is unexpected. Despite all of the challenges and bumps along the way, we never wavered in our eagerness to get married, we were so fortunate to have such love and support of our families, and we’re glad that everyone was so willing to help us pull this off – even in the middle of this crazy pandemic.


Rather than an evening wedding, you chose to go with the late morning / early afternoon. Were there any unexpected benefits to hosting a wedding earlier in the day? 

When we decided to move forward with a micro -wedding we thought it might actually be better to change it up in more dramatic ways – that way it was new and fun to plan, instead of being bummed that we would just be downsizing our original plans. We also loved the idea of a brunch – because who doesn’t love brunch? The wedding ended at 2 pm and so it opened up the opportunity for us to plan another event. We hosted a dinner/after-party for all of our guests at a nearby brewery. All in all, we are definitely pleased that we went with a day-time event. 


Would you recommend a micro wedding to your friends who are planning a celebration?

I would recommend it! Whether you’re planning a micro-wedding from the start, or need to adjust plans because of Covid – it’s a special way to celebrate in a safe and responsible way. Just because it’s on a smaller scale, does not mean that there is any less joy, excitement, and love!


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